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Online Blackjack Tournament Tips and Strategies

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Online Blackjack Tournament

Online Blackjack Tournament Tips and Strategies – If you really love the game of blackjack but wish there was a way to win a lot of money with a small initial investment, then you should definitely check out blackjack tournaments. When you play blackjack, it can be difficult to win a lot of money at once, because you can only win single bets.

Focus on Beating Other Players, Not the Dealer

When you play a typical standard blackjack table, your focus is to beat the casino. You want to win as many bets with as much money as you can. And while that is still true when it comes to online blackjack tournaments, then the next time you play a blackjack tournament your focus should be on beating the other players, not just the casino.

Understand the Tournament Format Before Playing

Most online blackjack tournaments will be played in rounds, where you compete against the other players at your table, and after a certain number of hands have been created, the player with the most chips advances to the next round. In some online blackjack tournaments, everyone starts the next round with the same starting stack, and in others the best stack is forward, where if you have a big round then you can take all of those chips with you going forward.

We can talk all day about the different online blackjack tournament formats, but the main point to take away here is that you need a full understanding of the event structure, before the cards are in the air. In many formats, 2nd place means nothing, and if so, then you have to play to win because there are no consolation prizes in this game.

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What Are Online Blackjack Tournament Tips and Strategies?

When Is the Wrong Strategy Right?

Let’s say you are ahead of the player to your left, then go into the final round with only one chip. You bet the max, and so does your opponent. You are dealt 20, and your opponent is dealt a blackjack, which pays them 3-2 instead of even money. If you survive and manage to win.

Then blackjack will soon pay for your opponents to overtake your lead and steal the win. In this case, the correct play is to double your 20 and hope for a magic ace, which will earn you a hefty payout to win the tournament.

Pay Attention to Bet Size

There is no concept that is more important when playing an online blackjack tournament than bet size. The way to win a blackjack tournament is to set yourself apart from the other players at your table, and the best way to do that is to do the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing. If the first few players are all betting big, then you should bet small and start hoping the dealer makes a big profit and beats the whole table.

If they all bet the minimum, this would be a good time to bet the max, and hope to take the lead on your opponents. Now, this is a risky way to play, because things can go bad in a hurry, but it can also go very well. And, with the online blackjack tournament structure, you need to focus on winning, not on losing.

From the first hand, to the last hand, all your focus and strategy should be focused on taking first place in the game, and setting bet sizes against the rest of the table is a great way to make that happen quickly.